Fjord & Bælt

interactive museum exhibition

This project is an interactive exhibition for the marine biology research center and museum Fjord&Bælt in Kerteminde, Denmark. It is located in an underwater tunnel and explains the local environmental conditions of the Baltic sea in interaction with real animals on site.


The exhibition uses techniques ranging from a projection mapping to explain the food chain in the Baltic Sea; a haptic exhibit with a wheel to cycle through the seasons in the sea; a virtual reality “dive” with the animals of the Baltic sea; an audio installation that transposes underwater sounds to an audible range for the visitors; and an interactive video exhibit that showcases seasonal research. The visitor is embedded in a soundscape that follows them from the beach, where the exhibit begins, into the tunnel below sea level, and back up to sea level again.

Food chain – projection mapping

View into the first half of the tunnel

Seasons – haptic exhibit

The dive – VR exhibit

Sounds of the sea – audio exhibit

Second half of the tunnel

Researcher's diary – video exhibit


Client: Fjord&Bælt Research Institute in Kerteminde, Denmark

Role: Art Direction & Concept

Studio: Art+Com AG

Sound design: Kling Klang Klong

Exhibition design: About Space