interactive museum exhibition

This interactive exhibition is part of the Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam and takes as its theme microbiology and microorganisms . It bridges the gap between science and the general public by exploring the mostly positive relationship between microbes and humans in a strongly visual and experiential way, integrating film, images, and text. Most exhibits show living microorganisms while some are extended through integrated media technology. The visitor is central to the exhibition, since they take on the role of observer, interactive researcher, and object of self-examination.


I was involved in the project from the concept to the realization of several interactive media exhibits that strongly feature interaction with motion graphics in 2D and 3D.


Client: Natura Artis Magistra, Amsterdam

Role: Interaction Designer, 3D, Animation, & Concept

Studio: Art+Com AG, Kossmann.dejong

Exhibition design: Bruns B.V.